Pendulum Pro 3-in-1 golf training aid to improve chipping, putting and the initial takeaway of the full swing

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The key to improving your short game is establishing a connected, one-piece pendulum motion and repeating it every time. Knowing how to develop this motion is a challenge ~ and we've got the solution.

Pendulum Pro, a patented 3-in-1 golf training aid, builds muscle memory and gives immediate feedback to develop the correct movement for chipping, putting, and the initial takeaway move of the full swing.

The Pendulum Pro features a padded, adjustable strap that wraps around the upper back and shoulders. This comfortable design allows golfers to interchange all clubs to practice.

With just minutes of practice every day, you can:

  • Learn the connected one-piece pendulum motion
  • Improve chipping and putting accuracy
  • Roll the ball better
  • Improve tempo
  • Gain confidence in your short game
  • Lower you score

Your game’s about to change!

Pendulum Pro ~ Feel the Connection