Three -In-One Golf Training Aid

 “The Pendulum Pro is a great way of teaching the right motion, whether it be chipping or putting.”

~ Bob Sneddon, PGA Teaching Professional

Feel The Connection

The Pendulum Pro teaches golfers the connected, one-piece pendulum motion, quickly building muscle memory for an improved short game. Many golf professionals already testify to the impressive results. 

This three-in-one training aid improves chipping, putting and the initial takeaway move of the full swing.

When practicing with the Pendulum Pro, an incorrect movement gives the golfer immediate feedback, building the correct muscle memory patterns for an improved short game.


"This is truly a unique training aid that builds - through muscle memory - the perfect one-piece connected, pendulum motion that's critical for chipping and putting.”

~ Adam Wagner PGA of Canada, Director of Golf Operations, Ambassador Golf and County Club

Pendulum Pro Features

  • Ideal for all Golfers

    Designed for all skill levels, ages, and genders ~ perfect for anyone wanting to improve their short-game.

  • Minutes of Practice

    Comfortable design ~ Easy to adjust ~ Easy to use ~ Can be used by multiple golfers.

  • Practice with all Clubs

    Interchanges easily with all club and shaft sizes and lengths. 

  • Builds Muscle Memory

    Repetitive movements create muscle memory, eliminating improper techniques.

  • Take It Anywhere

    Perfect for indoor and outdoor training. Travels and stores easily in your golf bag.

  • Three-in-One

    Provides instant feedback for chipping, putting, and the initial takeaway move of the full swing.


The Pendulum Pro encourages the golfer to create the connected, one-piece pendulum motion while eliminating improper movements of wrists and hands.



The Pendulum Pro gives immediate feedback to correct improper techniques including flipping and scooping of the wrists.


Initial Takeaway

The Pendulum Pro ensures that you stay connected during the initial takeaway move of the full swing.



You could easily spend over $500 for multiple training aids. The Pendulum Pro 3-in-1 training aid is all you need. Putt better. Chip better. Swing better. Improve your short game and lower your score. Pendulum Pro ~ Feel the Connection